The Wallace Family: Abigail, Brianna, Corban, Denise & Frank

Monday, November 05, 2007

Check out our new matching
nightgowns !! Cuuuuute !
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O'Possum !!

We kept seeing things knocked over in the garage...
We kept hearing papers and stuff rattling...
We thought we had mice...
But, alas, it was a possum !!! And Abigail was studying
nocturnal animals that week... so handy to have one in
our garage for a quick lesson!! haha!!
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Island Princess

Abigail will turn 7 soon... yikes !! She
is going to have a Barbie Island Princess
theme for her ice skating party this weekend!
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Our little Corban is now 2 years old!
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We made pumpkin pies. Abigail took a picture of
them cooking in the oven !!
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Never leave a child alone with a roll of painter's tape!!
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Happy Birthday!

Happy Second Birthday to our sweet Elmo-lovin baby girl, Corban --- aka Coco !!
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