The Wallace Family: Abigail, Brianna, Corban, Denise & Frank

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Icky day

This is the day that my Abba left me for kindergarten.... waaaaah..... sniff... sniff.... She is loving school, for which I am very glad !!! Posted by Picasa

Abigail -- all fancied up for a wedding!

 Posted by Picasa

A wedding !

Frank, Brianna, and Abigail went to a wedding a week or so ago... the girls had to get "dolled" up ! This is Breezy with her jewels and makeup on !! Posted by Picasa

More lemonade pics

Abigail had great helpers for her lemonade stand ! Posted by Picasa

Lemonade anyone?

Abigail sold lemonade at our FCC (Families with Children from China) bazaar ! She made $23 !
She sold the lemonade in a dixie cup for a dime and in a Chinese teacup for a dollar (you got to keep the cup!) Posted by Picasa

Just a swinging!

Breezy swinging on the bars at gymnastics! Posted by Picasa

Brianna in gymnastics

Brianna is taking gymnastics and loving it! Posted by Picasa

The girls !

Today was polka dot Sunday! Posted by Picasa

Pretty Brianna!

Take time to smell the flowers, she always says! Posted by Picasa

Pretty Abba

Playing with her hair (she does this when she is nervous!!) at the party! Posted by Picasa

Pretty Corban!

Our little cocoa bean is growing ! Posted by Picasa


Heading off to her first birthday party for a classmate! Posted by Picasa