The Wallace Family: Abigail, Brianna, Corban, Denise & Frank

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Bri has been labelled the sassy one by our FCC group... haha! Very true ! Sweet, but sassy ! Posted by Picasa


All cutesy at a birthday carnival ! Posted by Picasa


All dolled up for church ! Posted by Picasa

Little pumpkins

Hey ! Pumpkins need food to grow too! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 16, 2006

Halloween pics!

Our cute little halloween skeletons ! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Corban - looking so sweet !

 Posted by Picasa

Breezy serious !

 Posted by Picasa

Abba stylin !

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This is Abigail's outfit she put together for karate graduation ! Posted by Picasa

Karate class

Abba and Autumn took karate after school... Bri, Corban, and I watched while they karated ... of course, Brianna had to dance during their class ! Posted by Picasa

Never got a good picture!

The three sisters were not cooperating for this photo shoot... Corban was eating the gravel and the pumpkin stems as fast as she could !! Abigail was watching Corban and Brianna was in her own little Bri-world (as usual!!!) haha!! Posted by Picasa


You cannot make me wear this hat, Mother! Posted by Picasa

Pumpkin patch

The Wallace crew at the pumpkin patch on Saturday! Our schedule was no fun on Saturday ! 8:30-9:30 pick up cake and balloons
9:30-10:45 swimming lessons
11:30-12:45 Corban's birthday party
1:00-2:00 Karate graduation
3:00-6:00 - pumpkin patch
6:00 - go to bed ! Posted by Picasa

Three punkin-heads at the pumpkin patch!

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Abba getting her gold belt in karate on Saturday... Posted by Picasa

Gimme that plate, I was not done!

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More yum!

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Corban's birthday

Corban's birthday party pals ! Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday Corban

Corban's birthday cake! Posted by Picasa

Library field trip

Brianna's class went on a field trip to the library... she had to take time out to smell the flowers on the way there! Posted by Picasa

Corban's first popsicle !

Yum!!! Posted by Picasa

Corban is on the move!

Unroll one roll of toilet paper and fish around in the toilet and they put you in jail...hmph!!! Posted by Picasa