The Wallace Family: Abigail, Brianna, Corban, Denise & Frank

Monday, January 02, 2006

Bike Riding !

Today was a fun day ! It started out with all of us making french toast and then heading to the park to ride bikes (this is all we had been hearing since Christmas day --- "Can I ride my new
bike now? Can I? Can I? Pppplllleeeaaaseee???") ! It rained some this morning, but we decided to brave the wet and cold and head out ! Abba and Bri had a blast ! I don't think Abigail could have quit smiling if she wanted to !!!! She and Buddy had a wonderful ride -- Abigail realized that she could race (and beat us !) us while we were walking and she was riding... boy, did she have fun with that !! She and Buddy (her baby) fell several times --- but it did not daunt either one of them ! Brianna liked bike riding, but it was not the bomb for her like it was for Abigail ! She decided walking (while holding the bike) was better... and then she decided that running on the grass was way more fun !!


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