The Wallace Family: Abigail, Brianna, Corban, Denise & Frank

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year !

So much for my daily entries, huh??! Haha! The time between Christmas and New Year has been spent playing with our new toys, playing dress up, putting Christmas decorations away (and hoping they fit back where they came from!!), and most of all spending time with our friends (we wish we could spend time with our families too, but we don't get to see them as often as we want!). The girls and I had lunch this last week with some of my friends that work at GEICO... we had a great time and it was so good to see them ! Hi to Donna and Brenda !! We must get to do a regular lunch date !

We also got to spend time (with Frank this time!) ... with some of our friends from Frank's work... We had a great time and loads of fun! Frank (aka the old man as deemed by Scott!) did not suffer any damage from the killer air hockey tournaments ! Hi to Ken, Rebecca, Timmy, Olivia, Karole, Chuck, Elma, Carroll, Christopher, and Scott ! We definitely have to set up a rotating and ongoing get together schedule too !!

Some of our very good friends, Amie, Woody, Sannie, and Gray came by to visit after Christmas ! We had a wonderful time and it just makes us miss them more... Move home, now ! We will see you soon, I promise !!

New Year's day was spent going to Church in the morning for a wonderful service... Abigail and I went to service while Frank andBrianna went to nursery this morning... Abigail said on the way out of the service, "Wow, that was a wonderful service today!" ... Too cute ! Then we cooked all afternoon! Frank and I had a dip making contest... no winners declared however! I made vegetable dip and he made crab dip... then we made roasted pork loin, gravy, mashed potatoes, mexican corn bread, black eye peas, lima beans and our friends brought rolls, mac-n-cheese, and salad... it was a fabulous feast and we had a wonderful time ! We spent the evening playing with the camera and just visiting while the girls played legos and dress up ! Tim, Tonya, Autumn, and Camille - we love ya!!


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